Virtualization Nation: May I See Your ID Please?

A beta VMM user noticed when looking at VM properties on the command line that some parameters are bracketed with "{}" and some are not.

This is because VMM usually uses {} when the property is an array of items. For example, VirtualCOMPorts is an array of COM ports attached to a VM. It will show up in the get-vm listing like this
VirtualCOMPorts : {COM1, COM2}].

On another note, they wondered which ID tag they should use for identifying VMs: "ID" or VMId"?

"ID" is the unique identifier used by VMM to identify the VM. It is maintained even when the VM is stored in the library. "VmId" is the unique identifier for the VM used by Virtual Server, and comes from the .VMC file.

We recommend you use the "ID" field to uniquely identify your VMs in VMM.

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