Seattle is Way Wired, Why Doesn’t Live Know?

I just picked up my first PS, the Nuvi 660. I am enjoying logging my favorite places in order to create and upload some POI files for others to use. One handy POI file to have is "where is the nearest coffee and wifi?". I found this great wiki  listing more than 200 in Seattle. It is hooked into Virtual Earth - but what I need is the GPS coordinates for all of these to load into my GPS. Anyone out there got a code-based way to grab this informartion and pair it up with the address to output and Excel .csv POI file? I wonder why doesn't provide GPS for addresses you search?

Here are some of the "geeky" POIs I logged this weekend:

-122.169370 47.323230      Neon Palm Trees 7101 M L King Jr Way S, Seattle WA
-122.171690 47.341860      Steel Tree South Seattle
-122.223370 47.145770      Norman Bates Motel 4221 Pacific Highway East, Fife WA
-122.379202 47.553555      Lenin Statue 600 N 36th, Seattle, WA
-122.351172 47.651636      Hat n' Boots 6400 Corson Avenue, Seattle, WA
-122.344395 47.692968      Fremont Troll  N 36th St Seattle WA
-122.935840 47.030080      Victrola Coffee 411 15th Ave, Seattle WA
-122.228724 47.296965      Archee McPhee Catalog Store 2428 NW Market Street  Seattle  WA
-122.134470 47.180590      Wifi (McDonalds) 702 AUBURN WAY S, Auburn, WA
-122.190450 47.329520      All City Coffee (Wifi) - Georgetown 1205 S Vale St, Seattle WA
-122.152180 47.271300      RE PC - Tukwila 510 Andover Park W, Tukwila WA
-122.192165 47.331810      Georgetown Liquor Co (Wifi) 5501-B Airport Way S, Seattle WA
-122.192990 47.328900      Rain City Cigar 5963 Corson Ave S, Seattle, WA 
-122.185540 47.344970      Galaxie Espresso (Wifi) 3215 Beacon Ave. South, Seattle, WA

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