Virtual Machine Manager: How to Copy Files from VM to Host or VM to VM

A reader sent me an e-mail asking how to copy/paste between VMs. It depends on how much material you are trying to copy/paste. Seems like most people connect the VM to a virtual network that has external access and establish a network mapping. Then copy the file to the shared network folder, and access it from the other VM. You can also install a MS Loopback adapter in the host, create a new virtual network, assign static addresses on both sides, then establish a network mapping that way. If it is a large number of files, or a small number of large files, you may want to create an ISO image from the files you want to copy and mount the ISO in the new VM (only works from host to guest.) Of course, if you are using VMM, you can save the ISO to the library, and then use it on as many VMs and templates for creating VMs as you like 🙂

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