VMM Beta 2: Using the CLI

Everything you can do in the VMM Beta 2 Administrator Console you can do on the command line. Our PM puts it best, "Our API is the customer's API".

For example, a beta VMM user recently asked "How can I specify which bus/lun I want to assign myHD to when I create a new vm? It seems that New-VM isn’t happy if you don’t pass it a –virutalharddisk parameter so I can’t seem to create the VM first and then use Add-VirtualHardDisk."

You can do this in a job group, here’s an example that shows creating a vm in a job group that adds a VHD to IDE 1,0 and adds a NIC:

$job = [Guid]::NewGuid().ToString()

New-VirtualNetworkAdapter -VMMServer localhost -JobGroup $job -EthernetAddressType Dynamic

Add-VirtualHardDisk -JobGroup $job -Bus 1 -Lun 0 -VirtualHardDisk $VirtualHardDisk -IDE

New-VM -VMMServer localhost -Name $name -VMHost $VMHost -Path $path -HardwareProfile $HardwareProfile -JobGroup $job -runasynchronously

You can use this to do new-vm related cmndlets before calling the new-vm itself (such as adding VHDs or adding a NIC in this example)

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