SCT is changing its name

The next version of the most excellent Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP (did we mention it is provided at no charge?)

The new name will be Windows Steady State, due out early summer. SteadyState makes it easy for people managing shared computers to keep their PCs running the way they want them to--and make sure they stay that way, no matter who uses them. Get all parents with kids with computers, and teachers, small/medium business owner, folks who do demos you know hooked up with this great tool for XP.

Watch an interactive overview, see an installation and configuration demo, review frequently asked questions,
download a copy of the handbook, and more. Note: Both demos require Macromedia Flash Player 7.0 or later. The Shared Computer Toolkit Handbook is a 1.18 MB .pdf document.

 Want more?

Read the FAQs

Read the case studies:

Everett Public Library

Learn how the Everett Public Library used SCT to protect their 66 shared PCs from security breaches and unauthorized system changes and how SCT allowed two PC support technicians more time to focus on helping the library grow.
XPS (188 KB) | PDF (161 KB)

Council for World-Class Communities (CWCC)

Learn how SCT helped the Council for World-Class Communities in Michigan save time and reach more students.
XPS (195 KB) | PDF (1681 KB)

West Virginia Library Commission

Learn how a library commission in West Virginia used SCT to save time while protecting 1,000 shared computers.
XPS (186 KB) | PDF (165 KB)

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  1. Robert McLaws: Windows Vista Edition says:

    The last few days have been crazy, so I missed last night’s recap. The Xbox 360 is propping up PS3 sales…

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