Virtualization is 2.0 – Who Knew?

In this eWeek article, John Humphreys, IDC's program director for enterprise virtualization syas "In the next 18 months, virtualization will enter a "2.0" phase. According to him,  virtualization will be a sought-after tool for companies looking to plan for business continuity and disaster recovery. He even gives a metric: "...about 50 percent of virtualization will involve HADR (high-availability disaster recovery)".

Comments (1)

  1. Scott Gentzen says:

    Agreed.  I’m looking into going heavily into virtualization where I’m working.  The promise has become that you can finally detach the "server" from the "box" and move it on-demand to where the resources are.  

    it makes for some interesting IA policy questions and it takes a lot of hardware infrastructure to pull it off, but it is an interesting promise.  

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