Why 1TB disks will force you to embrace virtualization.

Jerome Wendt, president and lead analyst with DCIG Inc, shares an interesting perspective to day - Why 1TB disks will force you to embrace virtualization.

"...low-cost network connectivity does not translate into simpler and lower costs of storage management. If anything, it has the opposite effect...

As companies SAN-connect more of their servers using lower-cost Ethernet connections, their storage provisioning and data migration problems will become more acute. This will force many companies to re-evaluate network-based storage virtualization's value proposition and why it now makes sense, whereas just a few years ago, its risks outweighed its rewards."

He is speaking about Enterprise IT, but I just bought a .5 TB NAS device for my home network a few days ago for <US$200. Granted, I am an early-adopter type, but how long before virtualization moves from the data center to the living room? Leave comments.

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  1. Dugie says:

    Yup, Tony I have to agree. I think the emergence of "home VM appliances" are inevitable too. My Media Centre hosts a cpu throttled Virtual Machine for "assorted duties".  

    Anyway, disk is cheaper than new hardware – and most CPUs sit idle for the majority of their life?  …but that’s my thoughts 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Speedlinking #702 – SCVMM, Powershell, and the VHD program Here are some general Virtualization news…

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