VM Optimization

You may have read that you can improve the performance of most VMs by using SCSI instead of IDE disks. All well and good, but, uh, where are the instructions on how to do that if you already created the VM with IDE drives?

Thanks to Nelson, the instructions are here in the download center: Virtual Server 2005 – IDE to SCSI Virtual Machine Migration

This whitepaper describes tips and methods to help you migrate your Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 virtual machine from IDE to SCSI bus. You can increase overall virtual machine performance in most scenarios up to 20% by using SCSI virtual hard disks instead of IDE.

Enjoy. If these instructions are helpful, leave feedback and I will make sure it gets to Nelson.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tony Soper has blogged another gem – a whitepaper called "Virtual Server 2005 – IDE to SCSI Virtual Machine…

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