If a picture is worth 1K words, how many words is a blogcast/screencast worth?

If you could make the choice for all IT Pros for Microsoft enterprise management products, would you choose:

1) traditional text-based help on the box

2) traditional tex-based help on the box supplemented with blogcasts/screencasts (see below for examples) for the most complicated issues/sceanarios/features

3) just 'casts

Why? Leave comments.

Example screencasts/blogcasts:

Windows Vista Screencast: Aero Interface
Windows Vista Screencast: Search
Windows Server 2003 R2 Upgrade Blogcast
Windows Server 2003 R2 Blogcast: Part II: Installed Components

WinPE Driver Addition
Windows System Image Manager
Windows Deployment Services Overview

Bonus question: 'casts audio tracks are pretty easy to localize, much easier (therefore faster) that text. However, would you want to see screens that are in English, with a localized audio track, or would you be willing to wait a longer time in order to get a new 'cast that shows the screens in the same language as the audio? Why? Leave comments.

What I'm trying to get feedback on is what is the best way to learn an enterprise management software product? Take a look at Jason's video on how to juggle, and think of the time required to get all that down in words. More efficient for you to learn new stuff if we switched to screencasts?

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