Blogs Have "Tipped"?

A few months ago, internal discussion revolved around IT Pro customer perception of the information in blogs (specifically and in relation to KB and other "official" sources. Was it "valuable"? Was it "authoritative"? Could it be "trusted"?

Looking over the IE7 release notes here, what do I see? A product release notes page refers customers to a blog 5 times for solutions to technical issues. Of course the blogs are the IE and RSS blogs, but how long until one product is refering to another product-based blog?

Have tech blogs "tipped"? I'm thinking... if it walks like a duck and quacks like it a duck...

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  1. Dugie says:

    Hi Tony, They sure have!  I find the technet blogs are far more valuable than the the official sources.  

    Don’t get me wrong, official sources are still good — but your regular TechNet bloggers give the answers we need, through a medium we can trust, and we get the answers now.  Its a win-win.

    [QUACK!!]  đź™‚

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