Cool things to teach kids

A colleague asked for resources recently to help prepare for a presentation to school kids about neat things they can do with technology. Replies included the gems below from Coding4Fun:


·         DIY Dance, Dance Revolution machine

·         Home Automation (X10) and .NET

·         Programming LCD Display to display music

·         Programming GPS Devices

·         Programming USB Hardware

·         Programming Web Cams

·         Programming Motion Detection in Web Cams

·         Programming Web Cams to send pictures to your Live Spaces Account (Photo Booth)

·         Programming an IM client to do Home Automation using Skype


·         Programming Flickr

·         Programming Google

·         Programming Amazon

·         Programming eBay


·         Windows Forms old school arcade games like  Tiny Tennis , Space Blitz  and  Crusaders (includes videos)

·         Mobile Games like Pac Man on a Smartphone

·         3D managed DirectX games like Rocket Commander (RC includes videos) and Tank Wars

·         KPL Games including Pong, Asteroids, and Missile Command

·         WPF Puzzle Games including Sudoku and FreeCell

AnFinally - there is a very cool demo here on youtube of the brilliant physics illustrator.



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