Why You Need SCVMM

This report from the LinuxWorld conference down the I-5 corridor in San Francisco explains why you need System Center Virtual Machine Manager:

  • "Virtualization has stalled in the marketplace because many customers began with 100 physical machines and ended up with 400 virtual machines, which "made their jobs more difficult," IBM's director of virtualization marketing Kevin Leahy said.

  • "...most performance problems with virtualization occur between the chair and the console" said panelist Jim Fister, a lead technology strategist at Intel.

  • "To boost adoption, the industry must shift the user mindset away from thinking of virtualization for consolidation only toward other benefits, such as energy savings, service-oriented architecture and greater migration, Fister said. Also, by consolidating legacy servers onto a single server, virtualization frees up other servers for innovation, he added."

Instructions to sign up for the Beta are here. Let us know what you think.

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