Scripting Guys on the .NET Show on WMI Scripting

Check out the excellent .NET show episode featuring the Scripting Guys on WMI scripting. The script center has a new article on WMI scripting in Vista, as well as great Windows PowerShell scripts.

Here is a snip of the transcript to pique your interest:

Jump to #21 ROBERT HESS: So in dealing with a script set or in trying to train people in how to use WMI Scripting and stuff like that, what do you see as the biggest hurdle that people are facing?

JEAN ROSS: The biggest hurdle is, I think they're a little bit intimidated. It looks like programming. It's something the developer should be doing and not a system administrator.

ROBERT HESS: What's wrong with programming?

JEAN ROSS: Nothing's wrong with programming.

Jump to #22 GREG STEMP: You're one in a million, Robert. You're a genius. Most people aren't in your class.

ROBERT HESS: People are afraid of something that looks like programming.

JEAN ROSS: Right, or just a little bit thinking, I don't understand that. That's not what I do.

Jump to #23 ROBERT HESS: Is WMI Scripting like programming?

JEAN ROSS: Yes, it is a little bit like programming.

ROBERT HESS: So they should be afraid?


Jump to #24 ROBERT HESS: Why not?

JEAN ROSS: No, because it's not really that difficult. That's the whole point of what we do is to try to explain to people, this isn't a scary thing. If you actually just break it down, see what's really happening, and there are even- there's a lot of scripts already out there. You can take existing scripts and say, Boy, this is almost what I wanted to do. If you could just learn a little bit, to change it a little bit, and it'll be exactly what you're looking for.

Jump to #25 ROBERT HESS: Just find out where it has that file name added, and you want a different file instead, and you just change then the file name where it's copying, and now it's copying this file rather than that file, or whatever.

GREG STEMP: Yes, exactly.



Check it out. Highly rated

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