Beyond OLED, Behold Nanocrystal Displays

Cool new nanocrystal display (will the the acronym be NCD?) technology is revealed in this Technology Review article.

I love the OLED display on my portable music player.  Once you see these displays, you don't want to go back to LCD. However, the quantum dot displays that are the focus of this article are thin, flexible, easier to see in sunlight and less power hungry than current laptop displays. "It will also cover more of the visible color spectrum than current displays and produce such high-contrast images that today's flat-screen displays will look dull and washed out by comparison" the article states.

On these quantum-dot displays each pixel emits pure color, resulting in more saturated color than even high-end CRTs. This also means a 30% larger range of colors at 1/30th the power consumption.

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