System Center Virtual Machine Manager Debuts

Now that the WinHec demo and announcement are live, I can reveal the name of the new product I have been working on the last few months: System Center Virtual Machine Manager. This is the product formerly code-named Carmine.

I am the writing lead on the Carmine team. Leave comments here on what we can do to bring you the Carmine content, um, I mean Virtual Machine Manager content you need.

The following are good official sources of info that have jsut launched with the public unveiling:

The site

The Virtualization Blog

You should also keep an eye on the Windows PowerShell blog...

And the TechNet ScriptCenter Windows PowerShell section.

Want to get the bits when Beta1 posts this summer? Go to and select “Available Programs” from the left navigation bar. You must have a Microsoft Passport account to proceed with the process. Select “System Center Virtual Machine Manager” from the list of programs and select “apply” or “details” to learn more about the beta program.

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