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I downloaded the Powershell RC1 and documentation as soon as they came out. I didn't think much about the Passport sign-in required. After all, usually that's just for marketing purposes, right?

Turns out, there is a benefit! When the re-release came out, I got the following e-mail to the account I used to register:

Dear Valued Customer,

Microsoft is contacting you because you downloaded the RC1 version of Windows PowerShell. As commonly happens with pre-release software, Microsoft identified two issues that we wanted to address as quickly as possible. Microsoft re-released Windows PowerShell RC1 in order to address two newly discovered issues. Existing users of Windows PowerShell RC1 should uninstall the original Windows PowerShell RC1 version and install the re-release of Windows PowerShell RC1 (download location) which addresses these issues.

One issue affected the digital signature verification on some file types such as msi and .vbs files. For the affected file types, signed files will appear to be unsigned and the publisher will be listed as unknown. Users will also be prevented from signing new files. A second issue prevented customers from installing Windows PowerShell on 64-bit machines running Windows Vista.

We have put processes in place to ensure these issues do not happen again. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

Thanks for helping make Windows PowerShell a great product.
Windows PowerShell Team

Relevant Windows PowerShell Resources
Download location: 5E6A054A85C9&displaylang=en

Official Windows PowerShell Web Site:

Windows PowerShell on TechNet ScriptCenter: bs/msh.mspx

Windows PowerShell NewsGroup: gbrowser/en-us/default.mspx?

Kudos to the Powershell and Microsoft Connect team for "getting it". It's more than worth the passport sign-in to me to get this mail prompting me to go get the update, rather than waiting for me to stumble across it, or harvest a blog post about it.



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