New Microsoft Security Blog to Watch

Keep an eye on the new Jeff Jones Security Blog. Great new post On Disingenuous Analysis and Transparency from a guy who's CV looks like:

  • Security engineer doing risk assessments for the Air Force and Orange Book evaluation work for the NSA.
  • Kernel developer at Trusted Information Systems (TIS) working on Trusted Xenix and various Darpa security research projects involving Trusted Mach.
  • A lot of fun work with the TIS Firewall Toolkit (FWTK), an early open source project, including VPN development work (pre-IPSec) and more BSDi installations than anyone should do in a lifetime. This lead to opening a TIS office and working in the UK and Europe for 3 years as well - a great time working with great people
  • Director of Product Management for McAfee corporate anti-virus, where we introduced their central management tool e-Policy Orchestrator, incremental updates, and gateway appliances, among other projects.
  • VP of Product Management at McAfee/NAI, managing PGP Desktop, PGP e-Business Server, Gauntlet Firewall and CyberCop Scanner.

  • He's on my feed manager, how about yours?

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