Tools and Tidbits from MMS

Great paper on using WMI for scripting MOM from Brian Wren's session.

SMS 2003 Client Health Monitoring Tool :

  • Client health status calculated from data in the SMS database

  • Real time online/offline status of SMS clients 

  • Summary HTML report of client health

  • Microsoft Excel pivot table with details retrieved from the Client Health database that can be used to help troubleshoot client health issues  

Kerbtray.exe: Kerberos Tray: This GUI tool displays ticket information for a computer running the Microsoft implementation of Kerberos V5 protocol. You can view and purge the ticket cache by using the KerbTray tool icon located in the status area of the desktop. You can see the time left on the initial ticket-granting ticket (TGT) before it expires by positioning the cursor over the icon. The icon also changes in the last hour before the Local Security Authority (LSA) renews the ticket.

WMI Diagnosis Utility : The utility can do everything from verify the validity of all your WMI namespaces to check for possible corruption of the WMI repository. It performs a detailed examination of the WMI service and all its related components. If a problem is found, the utility not only reports on the problem and its possible causes, but also offers suggestions for repairing the problem.

Accessing WMI From the Windows "Monad" Shell : great article from the excellent scriptcenter Windows PowerShell section.

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