DSI Analyst Report

The PressPass site has a new link to an analyst report on DSI:

Microsoft's DSI Strategy: Clearer Vision, but End State Is Years Away From Fulfillment (Gartner, Feb. 8, 2006) Gartner’s analysis of Microsoft’s Dynamic Systems Initiative.

Interesting to see that their top-line recc includes:

  • Change project management processes hanged so that operations requirements are assessed early in the life cycle of new applications
  • Implement best-practice process frameworks, such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library and Capability Maturity Model Integration, to improve process maturity and integration as a necessary step for the effective use of RTI technology.

    • I would add MOF to this list 😉

Convergence. In yet another data point about IT and Dev coming together, Garnter says "..at the heart of Microsoft’s DSI is the SDM found in Visual Studio 2005."

Read the SDM white paper.

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