Nifty User-Submitted Scripts

First, you have seen the new User-Submitted Scripts section of the TN Script Center, right? Mark your calendars - every Monday is new script day.

Next: Check out this nifty script that returns the following information for a computer: operating system version; available memory; uptime; total physical memory; maximum clock speed; user name; operating system installation date; IP address; free disk space; disk size.

I really like this one as well, that randomly sets the marquee screen saver text using lines taken from a companion file (Slogans.txt). Like most scripts, it may not be all that useful for one machine, but I used ot use a script like this to put instructions and FAQs on screen in a school's computer lab. The students loved it.

Last: How great are these scripting guys for doing this? Want more like this? Leave comments.

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