Is It Safe?

Imagine Olivier in MARATHON MAN interrogating Dustin Hoffman's character ..."Is it safe?"

The Windows Live Safety Center (Beta) launched a few months ago, and provides you with a FREE, frequently updated, on-demand virus scanner which you can use to scan your machine for such threats as worms, Trojans, backdoors, and some user-mode rootkits.

Did I mention it is FREE?

The virus scanner on the Windows Live Safety Center beta site runs a scan of your computer only when you visit the site. It does not run periodic scans of your system, and does not provide features to prevent you from getting infected with a virus in the first place. It simply helps you get them off once you've gotten infected.

The site has other nifty add-ons, such as the top threats box;

Top threats
Threat level: Medium  Win32/Mywife.E@mm     Network
Threat level: Medium  Exploit:Win32/Wmfap     Generic

An active-X download is required. Highly reccomended.

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