Patch Tuesday in a Box

I love this company. Starting with the Jan 06 secbulls, you can now get Security and critical updates on ISO-9660 CD image files from the Microsoft Download Center.

January's is here.

How cool is that? Leave comments.

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  1. Nektar says:

    I don’t love this company:
    Only the Windows security updates are on ISO CD. What about other MS Apps like Office? What about other updates that are not security related? What about non-critical? Suggestion: If you are going to provide an ISO cd then put in everything, not just the Windows part.
    The Download Center? The Download Center is a mess? If you think not then do this little work for me: Find all the security updates for Windows XP 32 bit only, released after SP2 and then find all the update for Windows 98 Second Edition only. Easy isn’t it? Still searching? Still reading through security bulletins? Have 100 more to read through and figure out? Ok you are not alone.
    You found that job easy then do this one for me: Find all the updates for Visual Studio 2002 and not only the security ones. Easy? You might think that if you go to the Visual Studio web site you may be able … Think again. Products web sites are usually very out of date.
    You think that Visual Studio is not such a popular product? Ok then, try to do the same for Exchange then, without running Office Update. Find all the update to Office XP including not security ones. Easy yes? And what about Exchange or SQL?
    Finding updates (security or not) is a mess. Product web sites are not update with info on every update. You have to go hunting through the Download Center and then search and search again with keywords. Keyword search is broken, (even a wrong space can make it not find the right results).
    As a result, if you do not use Windows/Microsoft/Office Update or WSUS you are out of luck.
    Finally, answer the following question to me: What is the latest version of Directx SDK? Easy yes? There are more 20 results for Directx on the Download Center and you have to go through everyone to find out which one has the latest date on it. Same for paches. How do you find out if a pach has been superseeded. And don’t tell me, go and read the bulletin for each one of them.
    Seriously you have a problem. You don’t believe me: Go to MSDN and look at the most popular downloads. There are certainly downloads in that list that have been superseeded with a better / later version. And nowhere does it say that. So, if you don’t know, as most casual users, you will get the old version.

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