More TN Blogs Year End Thoughts

  • Rate of growth in CY 2005 for technet blogs for IT Pros - 300%
  • Rate of growth in CY 2005 for msdn blogs for developers - 340%

Is that success?

Earlier in the year, we discussed success metrics in the microsoft blogging community. One thing we can and do measure is RSS hits in relation to web hits. We came to the conclusion that we could look at the ratio as:

  • HighRSS/Web = you have a cult following 
  • Low RSS/Web = your stuff is valuable or otherwise compelling to people who don't know you 

In looking at my blog's performance, I am going to claim progress on my personal blogging goals on my review based on, among other measures:

  • RSS/Web April 05 = .52
  • RSS/Web Dec 05 = 1.37

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