TN Blogs Year End Thoughts

We launched in April 2005 with about 80 bloggers. Today we have over 300

Google hits for “Technet blogs” 5/2/05 =45,800. Google hits for “Technet blogs” 12/22/05 =1,770,000

Links in to as of today according to:

  • Google = 4,200

  • Yahoo! = 17, 084

  • MSN Search = 93, 713

How are we doin' so far? What would you like to see change for CY 2006? Leave comments.

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  1. BlakeHandler says:

    My New Years Resolutions for the TechNet Bloggers

    1) More quality, less quantity.

    2) Write more original articles about your insights and personal experiences

    3) Stop reposting marketing material; my RSS reader goes crazy with the identical postings.

    4) Stop reposting information outside your department’s purview. Again, my RSS Reader goes crazy with identical postings.

    5) If you do repost marketing information – add “something” to the article (i.e. your opinion, additional links & resources, your department’s role).

    6) With the exception of Ray Ozzie – allow comments and/or a contact email address.

    7) Complete the list of your favorite Web Links & Blogs your read.

    8) Complete the list of links to your Team Blog and the individual people on your team.

    9) Participate in commenting on blogs outside of TechNet.

    10) Have a wonderful 2006!

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