IT Pros Have a Jaundiced View of Vista says "Analyst firm Directions on Microsoft, which last week published its list of Microsoft's top 10 challenges for 2006, cited the cites the marketing of Windows Vista as its top concern.

"Windows Vista could offer large organizations improvements in software development, security, reliability, systems management and user interface," according to the report. "However, public demonstrations have been full of cool graphics effects and consumer features that probably turn off more IT staff than they attract."


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  1. Todd-Lamothe says:

    I was at the Canada Install fest for Vista Beta 1 in August. I found it good, covered a lot of the various management functions. There was a section of the presentation for Avalon and WinFX and how easy it was to write little games for them and deploy them. I am more concerned about the prevention of deploying such games on a corporate network.


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