Are We There Yet? launched April 1 2005 with about 80 IT Pro bloggers. Today we have 198 non-zero posting bloggers. The blogs launched on Community Server 1.0.

They said we were daft. They said IT Pros were not like the blog-crazed devs that were busily driving the blogosphere over on They said no one would notice or care. IT Pros, pressed for time, would find no value in blogs, never set up RSS readers, and wouldn't engage in conversation that could drive improvement for Microsoft.

Were they right? let me know by leaving some comments here.

According to Technorati my blog is worth US $3,951.78, Scoble is worth $11,855.34. The Exchange team blog? $52,502.22.

After all the metrics are gathered and analyzed, and we make judgements based on them, what keeps me going are comments like these (caught over on MSDN forums BTW):

... the introduction of has saved my sanity (and an hour a day ) so anything else that separates dev from pro (allowing me to focus on specifics whilst maintaining a consistent interface so I can dip into the dark side) is welcome.

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