My MOM Can Kick Your <app>’s A**!

The MOM team continues to push out connector goodness, letting IT Pros in shops that are NOT 100% Microsoft hook stuff up to MOM. 

For example, Eileen blogs today about the Citirix Management Pack. And on TechNet you can use the Management Pack and Product Connector Catalog to do a flitered search using criteria for the software you need to optimize MOM and SMS with your other applications. In this catalog, you will find downloadable management packs created by Microsoft, as well as information about connector software provided by Microsoft partner companies. Many of the management packs have been localized in several different languages.

On top of that Microsoft provides a tool called the Management Pack Notifier that will notify you if updates to previously installed management packs are available for download, making it easier for you to keep up with the most current releases of over 200 management packs. Nifty, neh?

And, check out what the Scripting Guys are doing with MOM, all the cool kids are doin' it.

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