New Windows Desktop Search Administration Guide

The Windows Desktop Search (WDS) Administration Guide  is now live. WDS allows your users to search their computer about as fast and as easily as they search the Web. The Desktop Search results window includes rich Windows Explorer features so they can quickly preview, filter, and act on search results.  MSN Search Toolbar V02.06 is optimized with features that help…


Fix Your Biggest Security Leak

Configuration errors drive security vulnerabilites, support costs, and downtime. Fix this with the new SMS 2003 Desired Configuration Monitoring (DCM) solution. DCM is a powerful solution to maintain a consistent configuration across all server roles and hardware types and ensure that all servers have required software updates, service packs, and drivers installed. This solution will…


Jesper’s Book Site Launch

Jesper has launched a site to promote his book (written with Steve) Protect Your Windows Network here. Here’s a teaser to get you to go look. THINK ABOUT IT… Consider, for instance, next time you go through an airport security check, who would be capable of causing more damage: a 92-year old grandmother with a pair…


Exchange SLA Scorecard Solution Released

The Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 SLA Scorecard for Exchange released yesterday. This solution, along with the Microsoft Services engagement, are based on Microsoft IT best practices from running the messaging environment inside Microsoft. This idea is a potential turning point for Microsoft IT Pro space. I am intensely interested to see how successful it is. Check it out and…


Virtual Server R2 Homepage Launch

Check out the new homepage for pre-sales info on Virtual Server R2, including the home page, Product Overview, reviewers guide and datasheet. There is a new community set up too where you can find featured blogs, MVPs, top KB articles, and other relevant links: Community page for Virtual Server.


Get Free Licensing Advice

Check out the new Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor (MPLA), nifty new FREE tool that: Provides Volume Licensing program comparisons and guidance.  Simplifies Microsoft product selection through a series of questions.  Produces a downloadable report and estimated retail price (ERP) quote in Microsoft Word or Excel. Lets you review your report offline, and save your quote to send to…


Improve Your IT Operations Processes

Register now for the FREE upcoming webcast from Microsoft IT insiders on using Business Scorecard Manager. TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft Does IT: Using Business Scorecard Manager 2005 to Enhance Business Performance (Level 300)Tuesday, December 06, 2005 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Pacific TimeBruno Aziza, Microsoft Product Manager, Office Business Scorecard Manager, Microsoft Corporation, and Daniel…


IT Insider Advice on Managing Compliance

Read about how the processes and tools Microsoft IT uses to support regulatory compliance in the new IT Showcase whitepaper: Creating a Systemized Approach to Regulatory Compliance at Microsoft . Others who downloaded Creating a Systemized Approach to Regulatory Compliance at Microsoft also downloaded: Microsoft CRM 3.0 Implementation Guide Using SQL Server 2005 Integration Services…


No Bull IIS Perf Tuning Advice

Want to read how to test and tune your website from the IT insiders? Read this fantastic post. It’s written by an IT guy, for an IT guy, and packages up the problem and solution in a way that is super usable. Now if only a small percentage of the rest of the technical…


Trouble-shooting Just Got Easier

The Events and Errors database just got a facelift. Check out the new scoped search interface that makes it easier to find out what that funky cryptic error number/message really means!