MS.COM Ops Live

If you are interested in understanding how the operations group at runs the busiest web site in the world ( , then you should not miss their week-long series of webcasts.  The topics in this week long view of operations will include the architecture, replication and management of website configuration and content, and network…


Beware the Cape…

Rico’s post on perf wars is priceless “Huge instant performance wins are more often a sign of problems than they are of greatness.”  Now think on another of his posts “in many of these documents you could basically do a mass substitution of “performance” where it says “security”, change a few metrics and the document would still…


WMI Code Creator v1.0

Check out WMI Code Creator v1.0. You can query for management information such as the name and version of an operating system, how much free disk space is on a hard drive, or the state of a service. You can also use the tool to execute a method from a WMI class to perform a…


Codezone Launch – Imaging Codezone for IT Pros

Codezone has just launched. Kudos to the team. Here’s the about blurb: “Codezone connects you with the most valuable resources and technical content available. It’s the best place to find and recommend top-rated groups, meetings, community sites, blogs, forums, events and breaking news. Looking to join a user group? Overwhelmed by endless developer blogs? In 30…


TechNet Magazine Blog

TechNet Magazine has a blog – they are looking to start a conversation with IT Pros about what you want in a magazine. Do you want to tell them? Check them out.  


Another Must-have IT Insider Resource

The Exchange team has gone public with a bunch of tasty bits. You can see the Exchange Insider articles they’ve been running internally for years now on the Exchange TechCenter. For example, have you ever wondered How Outlook, CDO, MAPI, and Providers Work Together? How about Troubleshooting Fast Growing Transaction Logs on Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server…


Two Words…LogParser

Actually that’s one word, but I digress. The excellent MSCOM OPS blog has some tips on using LogParser, one of their top ten ops tools. That wiley Prof. Windows has a great column on V2.2 here. The ScriptCenter guys have much goodness to share with you about this tool as well additionally also. The ops guys…


Is there a Doctor in the Blogosphere?

Yesh. One of the great benefits Microsoft provides to employees is an online healthcare portal. You can manage perscriptions there, schedule apts, get questions answered – all the digital lifestyle goodness. Now the Healthcare and Life Sciences team team has launched a blog. Check it out if you understand the importance of the intersection of IT…


Save your T&E, Check out ITSSHOWTIME

From the UK: Free videos of TechNet’s most popular conference presos at


Get in the ProdDev Feedback Loop

Check out the new product develoment customer-collaboration site Here you can  get involved in the Microsoft development process, connect with Microsoft developers, product managers, and other development team members, and also work with other early adopter users to evaluate the importance of reported bugs, and to identify workarounds for issues.