An IT Pro view of Windows Vista

Today at techready1 we saw some of the features in Vista that are being created for IT Pros. It is not too early to start looking over the information on TechNet and blogs and the MSDN DevCenter:


From the perspective of an IT professional, Windows Vista is easier to deploy and less expensive to maintain than any earlier version of Windows. Get an overview of improvements in security, reliability, deployment, management, and productivity.

Find best practices for deploying Windows Vista, including tools for application compatibility, and recommended strategies for a smooth deployment.

Find out how you can reduce the cost of desktop support, simplify desktop configuration management, enable better centralized management of the desktop, and decrease the cost of keeping systems updated.


This paper describes the most significant security improvements in the next version of Windows, the benefits they provide, and why the new features matter to IT professionals.

Scenarios for Enhancing Security

Find out what's new for security in Windows Vista. The benefits and impact of the new and changed features are discussed, and scenarios are included.

Windows Vista Beta 1 is an early build for IT administrators and developers in the Windows community. It will be available in English to select Beta 1 testers through the technical beta program, as well as to MSDN and TechNet subscribers.

Note: The Beta 1 release is available only to those with a Beta Place password or an MSDN or TechNet subscription. If you do not have access to one these options, please wait for Beta 2, later this year.


OR> of course you could Get Windows Vista Beta 1 with TechNet Plus starting in September.  Subscribe today and receive 30 percent off TechNet Plus.

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