New RSS Feed for TechNet Briefings Audio

You asked for it, we delivered. Here is the new RSS Feed for TechNet Briefings audiocasts, some folks call these podcasts, some call them blogcasts. This RSS feed provides an WMA and MP3 version audio file of each session, plus links to download the full video of the session as well as download just the supporting slide deck and transcripts.

Days after you asked for seperate feeds for WMA vs MP3, we delivered.

WMA Feed

MP3 Feed

Leave feedback here on how cool this is, and whether you are interested in getting TechNet briefings on video for your smarphone 🙂

Comments (5)

  1. rodtrent says:

    Where’s the Windows Media player BlogCasts??? Why is this in an MP3???

  2. rcshaw says:

    I concur. I’d much prefer to see this in windows media format.

  3. You asked, we listened. WMA versions will be posted by tomorrow.

  4. mike says:

    Why would you want this in Windows Media format? MP3 is a lot more flexible. I can listen to it on my PC at work, my Mac at home, my Linux box (if I feel crazy), my iPod anywhere I go or just about anything else I could dream up. No offense, but Windows Media is an extremely limited format that is very friendly outside of the Windows platform. To avoid any flameage, this has nothing to do with Macs vs PCs vs Linux boxes, just a COMMON, system friendly audio format.

  5. ANON: to anwer your question "Why would you want this in Windows Media format?"

    In this case, because customers asked for it. We provide both formats so that customers of either preference can get to the content goodness inside the ‘cast.

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