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Get your friends and family, all those folks that come to you for computer help once their machines have become hopelessly hijacked and infected by spyware and malware, to learn how to run as non-admin.

Aaron does a webcast you can watch (passport sign-in required) to teach them all how to use Run As way more often and reduce the attack surface of their home machines. Once you clear the registration bars, you can download this preso for offline viewing. Find the preso here TechNet Webcast: Tips and Tricks to Running Windows with Least Privilege (Level 300).

Want to see what Aaron looks like?

Read Aaron's blog for more info. Like the info below:

The "why" posts:

Not running as admin...


Why you shouldn't run as admin...


"Zero-day" attacks and using limited privilege

Expect to see more malware predating the patches - and how you can protect yourself. (Or, "Why you shouldn't run as admin, Part 2")


And then the "How-To" posts:

The easiest way to run as non-admin

This is the really important one for your non-techie friends and relatives ...

"RunAs" basic (and intermediate) topics

A whole lot of detail about how to use "RunAs" to run programs under a different account.

RunAs with Explorer

How to get Windows Explorer to work with RunAs (and why you might want to).

MakeMeAdmin -- temporary admin for your Limited User account

How to quickly and temporarily give your non-admin account administrator privileges, without having to log out.

MakeMeAdmin follow-up

MakeMeAdmin script updates, and a security setting you should change

PrivBar -- An IE/Explorer toolbar to show current privilege level

A toolbar for Explorer and Internet Explorer that shows you broadly at what privilege level that particular instance is running

Running restricted -- What does the "protect my computer" option mean?

What does it mean to "Run as current user" with the option to "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity"?

Remembering Calculator and Character Map Settings


Managing Power Options as a non-administrator


Ctrl-C doesn't work in RUNAS or MakeMeAdmin command shells


Changing the system date, time and/or time zone

Addressing one of the most common complaints about running as non-admin

How to allow users to manage file and print shares without granting other advanced privileges


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  1. "Want to see what Aaron looks like?" What a thrill! Looks like a goofy nerd with a bad haircut. (Big surprise – like most of Tech*Ed.)


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