Size Matters – How Big is Your Mailbox?

Do you know what the mailbox size limits are in your org? (We have a whopping 200 MB here at Microsoft) Do you know how close your mailbox is to that limit? If you are like most users, you probably don't know this info. That's what the Mytob virus writers are counting on.

Spread the word and beware of e-mails that look like they are from a sysadmin in your org threatening to shut-down your mail. This announcement has the details, including:

"Another variant of the Mytob worm began wiggling its way into in-boxes this week, enticing recipients to open an e-mail attachment that could allow a remote hacker to access and perform commands on an infected machine.

The variant, dubbed "" by some security researchers, scans the hard drive of an infected machine and sends copies of itself to e-mail addresses it finds in the Windows Address Book, antivirus firm Trend Micro Inc. said yesterday. The worm poses as a message from an IT administrator, warning recipients that their e-mail accounts are about to be suspended, Trend Micro said.

Possible subject headers for the worm include "*IMPORTANT* Please Validate Your Email Account" and "Notice: **Last Warning**."

Comments (1)

  1. Keith Combs says:

    200meg is no longer whooping to me. I’d like it to be something larger. I have to run archive (and purge) many of the messages on a weekly basis.

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