Cowboy Up Your Users

Thing are getting hairy out there.

You asked, we listened.

IT Pros have long wanted information they can give to users to raise their security IQ/skills. It is here.

It is called the Information Workers Security Handbook, written by The Security Business and Technology Unit (SBTU), with the assistance of the Microsoft Solutions for Security (MSS) team. This document provides plain language background information on how computer networks work and the specific security risks Information Workers they face. It also provides real-world actions your users can take to better secure their computer and help preserve the security of the network as a whole.

The document is available for download at:

Here's the kind of questions it answers for your users:
I want to know more about how the Internet works.
I want to know how a typical business network works.
What security risks are posed by networks?
I want to know more about e-mail exploits.
I want to know more about remote access threats.
What are the costs of security breaches to businesses and individuals?
I want to know more about viruses, worms, Trojans and malicious executable programs.
How do attackers crack passwords?
I want to know more about unwanted e-mail (spam).
What is phishing?
What is social engineering?
How can I protect against viruses and malware?
How can I protect against spyware and adware?
How can I protect against Web exploits?
How can I protect against social engineers and phishers?
What should I do to protect my password and log on securely?
How can I protect sensitive data?


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