Reskit – Get Yer Red Hot Reskit

Such a deal - Pre-order the 6586 page Windows Server 2003 Reskit on Amazon and save US$74 plus free shipping. Cha-ching.

Update 6/6  Get 30 Percent Off Introductory Price for Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit

Visit any Borders store between May 30 and July 31 to save an additional 30 percent off the special introductory price of US$199.99.


Comments (4)

  1. Xavier Ashe says:

    I’m on it. Do you know when it is supposed to be released?

  2. 'pooler says:

    BookPool has it slightly cheaper:

  3. Because MSPrss sells products through retail partners, and do not control the actual prices retailers charge. That is why it is they call it a ‘suggested’ retail price. MSPress provides at least a few different options of retailer, but it’s cannot link to absolutely every retailer who sells their products. It is a good thing, however, if customers are able to get a better deal by doing some comparison shopping.

  4. Xavier asked about release date. I’m told it is out today.

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