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<ironic mode on> Steffen has a blog in German on TechNet. I don't speak German, and online translators I have found are woefully inadequate for technical writing. Interesting tho that his title is "Technologieberater".
Online dictionary defs for "Berate" include "to scold; rebuke; censure severely or angrily". Contrast with the oft-found title FOOtechnology "Evangelist", which online sources define as "writer of Christian Gospel; Christian who converts others; and A person doing religious or charitable work in a foreign country."<ironic mode off>

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  1. ML49448 says:

    in case you have not figured it out yet, in this case "Berater" means something like Advisor, so a Technologie Berater is a Technology Advisor.

  2. Steffenkrause says:

    So the English-speaking community finally gets an idea what people all over the world have to suffer when reading machine-translated English text. And German to English is not THAT bad. you should try to read translations to languages like Russian.

    But the person writing the translation for "Berater" (=Consultant or Advisor) must have been hit hard by the consultant community 🙂



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