Small Business IT Spending Forecast

Interesting bits from this article: "Kevin Gilroy, senior vice president and general manager of Hewlett-Packard's segment for small and medium-size businesses, said increased investment in technology was inevitable, given that it had moved "from being an appendage of small business to being the spinal cord."

Those questioned in the survey, he said, listed retaining customers and streamlining operations as their top objectives, and technology as the means to achieve them.

According to the survey, small-business owners spend an average of 27 percent of their time outside the office. That leads them to buy equipment like laptops and BlackBerry wireless e-mail devices that give them the freedom to roam. In the survey, 32 percent considered notebook computers a critical part of their business, and 36 percent ranked them as their highest priority in technology spending. "

To me, it seems clear that both the small business IT Pro and MidMarket IT Pro need technical information on mobile devices as much as, if not more than, desktop OS.

They can find some info in the DDC about deplying desktops without the aid of enterprise tools like SMS. But where is the content on deploying/securing/managing the mobile device?

We have to work on that.

In the meantime here is the RSS feed for the small business site on

There is info around, like in the new TechNet Magazine, that applies to smaller IT shops, like this article on using NTBackup.

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