What Makes a Good Tech Blog Post?

What makes a good Technical blog post?

Here are some things I'm thinking I should include on every blog post (if possible) to help you find the info you need:

  1. links to specific bits of content on TechNet on the topic

  2. links to community blogs on the topic (blog finder)

  3. links to RSS feed on KB articles on the topic (KB finder)

  4. links to events, webcasts, on the topic (events and webcasts finder)

  5. links to RSS feeds that will let you know about upcoming technical Chats (chat finder)

  6. links to columns on the topic (TechNet column finder)

  7. links to TechNet Radio, blogcasts and other media presos (TN radio finder)

  8. links to online training and virtual labs

What else?

Comments (3)

  1. Pete Dacey says:

    Any known issues to updates/upgrades the blog links too for any programs or program updates that Apply to certain other O/S.

    We do seem to assume that everyone has the most recent and uptodate running system.

  2. Kingsley Tagbo says:

    Your list looks a bit weird. A good technical blog post should present a concise technical writing in the Blogger’s original style.

    I am not sure about the relevance of all the links you posted 🙂

  3. Warren says:

    Quit with the "blinking" (blog linking). Blogs should have content written by the blogger!

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