Your Future is Virtual

Several important announcements this morning during Steveb's keynote.

  • NAP in LH client will support trusted computing group standards

  • other guests OS - can you say Linux?

  • Microsoft is investing in increased virtualization in LH to reduce customer total cost of operations

    • .vhd will be extensible

    • System Center will include ability to manage virtual servers - including other OS, like Linux

    • Microsoft and TAP customers has seen a 50% drop in CPU cycles on the same workloads hosted in 64 bit Virtual Server beta on 64 bit hardware

You can read the details at To view an on-demand Web cast (including Jeff Woolsey's demonstration of Virtual Server 2005 SP1), go to 

Check out John Howard’s Virtual Server webcast on 29th April at 2PM GMT. Here's the registration link.

Donwload SP1 on the Virtual Server 2005 home page

RSS Feed for VS KBs


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Virtual Server SP1 Beta is out. Barnaby has the sign-up instructions here.Yesterday Steveb told the MMS…

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