Tools 2 Use – MONAD – the crossover hit

Safe bet - as time goes on the chinese walls between IT Pros and devs will continue to break down. MONAD is the next-gen WSH, and IT Admins will be using it, a lot. Example, in the keynote today there was a demo of using script to remotely turn on the drive indicator light on a remote server. Consider, I am remotely tshooting the machine, I determine it needs a new drive, I call the local tech, he goes to the server and knows instantly to replace the "one with the blinking orange light". Multiply the time savings times the number of incidents like this and the savings potential is, well, really big.

There is a Channel 9 MONAD video here

And everything MONAD blog post here

To get MONAD
You’ll need a passport account.
Go to
Logon using guest ID: mshPDC
Select Microsoft Command Shell
Select Survey in the left column and complete
Access granted within 48 hours


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  1. MCEblog says:

    Any word about whether this will ship with Longhorn?

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