Tools 2 Use – IT Asset Management

Have you met SAM? This site has a nifty set of tools to walk you through some critical steps you need to take to get to a “better managed state”. Whether that is driven by IT Governance issues, budget planning, security or whatever, you can probably use these tools today.
SAM Step 1: Perform a Software Inventory Find out what software titles your company is currently using.
SAM Step 2: Match Software with Licenses Locate the license documentation for each software title installed.
SAM Step 3: Review Policies and Procedures Review or write policies and procedures to assure good software asset management practices.
SAM Step 4: Develop a SAM Plan Create an ongoing SAM plan to use moving forward.
Oh, and it has a cool partner finder and tool finder. Wish we had the same on TechNet for server-side enterprise products. Do you? Leave feedback for me so I can help make the case to the PTB.

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