Goodbye Blue Sky – Hello MOF

Left rainy Seattle 5 am yesterday morning, and haven't seen the sunny LV desert skies since. This venue is so huge that there are birds (the chirpy, tweet-tweet kind) flying around inside it.

Great preso at MMS: Improving Operational Efficiency with MOF

"Running your IT systems the most effectively you can is often overlooked when concentrating on designing and deploying solutions, yet most of us appreciate that only 20% of IT failures are typically related to technology. Addressing people and process as well as technology is vital to ensure success in light of today's IT pressures with respect to reducing cost, increasing service levels, and delivering business value. Adopting best practices based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) will help you increase operational efficiency. In this session, case studies were presented to demonstrate how Microsoft and some of our customers have used MOF to achieve their required levels of operational efficiency. "

One case study was the USAF. The service improvement numbers they achieved are huge. For example, 46% reduction in the number of major incidents.

Another case study is Microsoft. Yes, the Microsoft internal IT department improved operations using MOF. You can read a white paper on one implementation here. Microsoft IT has a group that documents and shares best practices and other technical information - my old group IT Showcase. You can find all that info here.

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    Way back when, I wrote a couple of posts about ITIL and MOF (ITIL is an industry-standard set of best…

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