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There is a ton of material on TechNet that will help IT Pros that exists outside the product group documentation. Name the topic, chances are that Microsoft technical insiders have recorded a webcast, hosted a chat, or otherwise posted media that can help you. The IT folks inside Microsoft for example have recorded a bunch of webcasts that tell you how they do it inside the Microsoft corpnet. To see what I mean check out Gary Baxter's TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft IT Maintains High Availability for Exchange Server 2003 at Microsoft "Microsoft IT, using the latest server and storage hardware products, as well as using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 clusters, sets a mailbox availability target of 99.99 percent. Join us as we review how Microsoft IT implements strict service level agreements and regular review processes to make sure it either meets it aggressive goals or knows when and why it does not. " Event ID: 1032266444 Replay Link:

Many of these goodies an be downloaded into your music player or burned on an audio CD to listen to on your commute in to work. Who know - if i get some good feedback here perhaps I can pursuade the PTB to offer this kind of stuff as an RSS feed?

Add this site to your search list:

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  1. Ed says:

    For the past two or three months, i’ve been loading my ipod (oops) up with TechNet Webcasts. Having the audio part of M J Murphy’s 11 part AD webcasts to listen to on the walk to work has been great. The information and the quality of the knowledge given out (free) is something to behold. It would be wonderful to have proper dedicated audio courses/discussions but until then, i’ll definately keep rippin’ those webcasts and increasing my knowledge and understanding. A big thank you!

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