Remote Access Configuration Guide by Rick Varvel

Working with regional and worldwide customers and partners who deployed OCS 2007 or 2007 R2, it was noticeable that one area was particularly challenging to configure – remote access. Although official documentation was good and detailed, there was many different aspects to take care of, and which is more, it would involve several different teams to fully configure remote access: OCS, networking, and security/perimeter network teams. Apart from OCS aspects, configuring remote access involves firewall and reverse proxy configuration, choosing and deploying correct certificates, registering correct DNS records internally and externally, (optionally) configuring load balancer, etc, etc.

So, the only missing piece of puzzle was a whitepaper or a guide that would connect all these pieces together: something like the Notes From the Field. Exactly such kind of document was created by my colleague Rick Varvel who wrote an excellent white paper “OCS 2007 R1/R2 Remote Access Configuration Guide”. If you are about to deploy Edge servers for remote access and/or federation with your partnering company or PIC, I would highly recommend downloading (and studying, which is more important 🙂 ) Rick’s whitepaper from:

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