Fix for DirectAccess with SharePoint Authentication Issue

“Why does SharePoint ask for credentials when I connect over DirectAccess?” There is a very long thread on the TechNet forums regarding an unusual authentication issue when DirectAccess clients try to connect to SharePoint sites. There were a lot of posts and a lot of effort was made to determine the nature of the problem….

Excellent UAG DirectAccess Configuration Guide by Shannon Fritz

Shannon Fritz, who’s well known on the UAG DirectAccess forums at for providing excellent community answers and insight, has put together a very nice UAG DirectAccess Configuration Guide. In Shannon’s configuration guide, you’ll find the following sections: IP Addressing and the UAG Server UAG Installation Firewall and DNS Considerations Certificates, Groups and Client requirements…


Updated: Can I Migrate My Windows DirectAccess Configuration to UAG DirectAccess?

(Updated Oct 5, 2010) I’ve seen a number of questions asking if there was a method you could use to migrate your Windows DirectAccess configuration to a UAG DirectAccess deployment. The answer to this question is that there is no automated method to do this. However, the manual steps aren’t very difficult. Here’s what you…


Is ISATAP Required for UAG DirectAccess?

The answer is “no” – but its important to understand the function of ISATAP and why or why not you might consider deploying ISATAP in your environment. Why ISATAP? ISATAP is the Intra-site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol. The purpose of ISATAP is to allow you to use IPv6 aware applications on a network that hasn’t…


The Edge Man is Back!

You might have noticed that the Edge Man has been absent for a while (at least I hope you’ve noticed). The reason for my absence is that I was doing some interesting work on the upcoming UAG Service Pack 1 over in the Israel Development Center (ILDC). And I have some great news for you!…


Configuring DirectAccess to Support Citrix Connections

We’ve seen a lot of questions on how to get the Citrix client to work with DirectAccess. The following provide some information and procedures that may work to get the Citrix client to work over DirectAccess. The Citrix client can use IPv6 to connect to one type of server only: the Citrix Secure Gateway (CSG)….


What Defines a Functional Connection to a Network Location Server?

One of the key pieces of a working DirectAccess solution is the Network Location Server or NLS. The purpose of the Network Location Server is to help the computer configured as a DirectAccess client to know that it’s inside the corporate network. When the DirectAccess client is inside the corporate network, you don’t want it…