Why Do I Need Two IP Addresses on the External Interface of the UAG DirectAccess Server?

This question comes up frequently when introducing admins to UAG DirectAccess. It makes sense, since public IPv4 addresses are getting more difficult to come by and in fact it’s predicted that there will be an exhaustion of the entire IPv4 address space by next month. So, why do you need two public IP addresses on…


Solving the Mystery of the Dead Teredo Interface

You’ve deployed DirectAccess on your network as a pilot project for your IT group over the holidays and everything is working great. When the users are behind a wide open NAT device, they use Teredo to connect to the UAG DirectAccess server. When they’re behind a port-restricted firewall or web proxy only, then they fall…


Why are both the Teredo and IP-HTTPS Interfaces Active?

 A common question I see on the message boards and in conversations with our DirectAccess customers relates to the IPv6 transition technology interfaces that are active on the DirectAccess client at any point in time. Most often, the question comes up about why both the Teredo and IP-HTTPS interfaces are active at the same time….


Considerations When Using Ping to Troubleshoot DirectAccess Connectivity Issues

You’re learning about DirectAccess and you like what you see. The next step is to build out a test lab. You can build out your own, or you can let me to the heavy lifting for you and use the UAG DirectAccess Step by Step Guide over at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee861167.aspx You’ll save a lot of time…


Check out TechEd 2010 in New Orleans DirectAccess Content

Secure Endpoint: DirectAccess and Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010, the Complete Remote Access Solution Spend an hour learning about Microsoft’s complete remote access vision and how UAG and Direct Access Technology together provide seamless remote access to users while reducing IT risks and costs. This session includes a live demonstration of the features and…