UAG SP1 DirectAccess Contest Quiz One-Round One

With all the excitement coming from the upcoming release of UAG Service Pack 1, I thought we might do something fun (OK, DirectAccess is always fun, but maybe we can do something closer to what other people would consider fun). What’s more fun than a contest? I know, a contest where you’re the winner! OK, even more fun is a contest where you’re the winner and you actually win something.

How about a Starbucks card? I have one in my hot little hands and its really wanting to go the the winner of the UAG DA Contest winner!


So here’s how the contest is going to work:

  • Anyone can participate except for Microsoft employees
  • One entry per email address
  • I must receive your entry within 24 hours of posting the questions for the quiz
  • Your email name (not the domain name) will be used on the leaderboard unless you want to specify an alternate name
  • There will be four quizzes per round (one quiz per week) and there will be two rounds (total of 8 quizzes)
  • Each quiz will have three questions – each correct answer is worth 1 point. Total score for the quiz (entry) is the number of correct answers
  • The first three finishers (defined by total correct answers/points for the round) will be awarded points for the round: 5 to the winner, 3 for second place and 1 for third place (if there is a tie, all members of the tie will be awarded the points for their position – for example, if there is a tie for second place, 3 points will be awarded to both second place finishers)
  • The points awarded to the top three finishers for each round will be added up and the person with the highest score wins the card. If there is a tie, there will be a tie-breaker event that I will schedule over LiveMeeting so that are participants can watch. The winner of the tie-breaker event will then be named the contest winner.

Since the contest hasn’t started yet, the leaderboard looks like this (I put my name in there just as an example):



Ready to play? Here are the three questions for Quiz 1/Round 1:

Question 1: Which Operating System(s) can be configured as DirectAccess clients? (choose the best answer)

A. Windows 7

B. Windows Vista SP2

C. Windows Server 2008 R2

D. Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2

E. Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7

Question 2: What happens when the DirectAccess client successfully connects to the Network Location Server (NLS)?

A. The DirectAccess client turns on the Windows Firewall Domain Profile

B. The DirectAccess client disables its ISATAP interface

C. The DirectAccess disables the Name Resolution Policy Table

Question 3: When you do an ipconfig /all in a command prompt window and see both the Teredo and IP-HTTPS interfaces assigned an address, which interface is actually being used to transfer data?

A. The Teredo interface

B. The IP-HTTPS interface

C. Both the Teredo and IP-HTTPS interfaces

D. None of the interfaces – when both appear it indicates that the Windows Firewall Domain Profile is active

Great! Now click the following link (which includes the subject line I need to track the entries) and email me your answers:

I must receive your entry by December 3, 2010 3:00PM Central Time

Have fun and good luck!



Tom Shinder
Knowledge Engineer, Microsoft DAIP iX/Forefront iX 
UAG Direct Access/Anywhere Access Group (AAG)
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