UAG DirectAccess in 8 to 10 Easy Steps

So you’ve gone through our excellent Test Lab Guides (which you can find at and you’ve read the UAG DirectAccess design guide ( and the UAG DirectAccess deployment guide ( You’ve got the critical hands-on and the key background information after going through those.

What next?

What would be really handy is high level plan of the steps you need to go through as you roll out your pilot project. This is where Jason Jones, Forefront MVP, comes in. He’s published a very handy pair of documents that will really help you clarify your plan.


Check out Jason’s Deploy Forefront UAG DirectAccess in 8 Easy Steps at

And if you’re into creating a UAG DirectAccess Array (and most enterprises are going to be deploying arrays), check out his Deploying a Forefront UAG DirectAccess Array in 10 Easy Steps at

Make sure to put Jason’s blog in your Favorites – he’s always coming up with great design and deployment information for UAG DirectAccess on his blog.



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