The Edge Man is Back!

imageYou might have noticed that the Edge Man has been absent for a while (at least I hope you’ve noticed). The reason for my absence is that I was doing some interesting work on the upcoming UAG Service Pack 1 over in the Israel Development Center (ILDC). And I have some great news for you! UAG Service Pack 1 is going to include a number of new features and capabilities that you’ve been asking for.

I tested most of these new features and found that the new user interface was cleaner and more intuitive than what we have now, which is really going to help the new UAG DirectAccess administrator. Even better, everything I tested worked!

While I can’t tell you the schedule for the release of the Service Pack at this time, you should be seeing a release candidate of UAG Service Pack 1 sometime in the next couple of months. I really hope you all get a chance to play with UAG SP1 in your own test labs, as I’m sure you are really going to like the new options we’ve exposed to you that will make it easier than ever to get a working DirectAccess configuration and deployment that meets your organization’s requirements.

Some more good news – I plan to release some updates to the UAG DirectAccess Test Lab Guides (TLGs) at the same time that the RC of the Service Pack is released. I consider this to be very important as a working TLG is the best way for you to get quickly up to speed on a new product or technology. If you haven’t seen the TLGs we already have, then check them out on the TechNet wiki over at

If you haven’t got into the TLG swing of things yet, and you think you’ll want to check out UAG SP1 in a lab – then I recommend you prepare for it by building out the Base Configuration. Once you have the Base Configuration in place, putting together the UAG SP1 RC test lab will be a no brainer!

Check out the Base Configuration Test Lab Guide over at:



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  1. Hey, all cool guys on the photo 🙂 Fred, Tom and Jim.

  2. Tom Shinder says:

    Hi Alexy – thanks! We had a great time and really learned a a lot. And I think the product team benfited from our visit too 🙂


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