During policy troubleshooting avoid deleting policies from ResPolicyMap

We have seen some of this again in first step policy troubleshooting also  on different type of blogs.   

Please make sure not to implement on a large scale the next action plan!!!

      SELECT * FROM ResPolicyMap WHERE machineid = 0 and PADBID IN (SELECT PADBID FROM PolicyAssignment WHERE BodyHash IS NULL)     and delete the results!


Under a very specific circumstance this *MAY* be valid however we are seeing a lot of blogs and forums  run this query for any policy related issue and deleting all of the return values.

Multiple times this has resulted in all policy for clients being unassociated and all clients switching to 2 default actions (client settings for XXX missing from WMI)

If you have an issue where you think this is valid you should  open a case with CSS.


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